Our Story

Destiny Howard is a brand that conveys inspirational messages through the art of fashion and storytelling. The brand offers understated statement pieces for everyday women.

Destiny Howard is dedicated to creating versatile and inclusive items that can go from day to night. This means that each item is designed with the intention of being adaptable to one’s individual style. The brand also aims to create an empowering and relatable experience to its audience. Overall we want our customers to "get the message-get the look". 

 The company's founder, Destiny Howard, desires to inspire the world one design and one story at a time. She exemplifies everything the brand stands for: chic, real, and inspiring. As an artist, her goal is to make something relatable, empowering, stylish, and effortless.

Since starting the brand in 2016, Destiny Howard has shown in New York Fashion Week, Fashion Week Columbus, and Richmond Fashion Week. With a clear vision and unique approach, Destiny Howard plans to take the fashion, theater, and film world by storm while empowering others along the way.